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For us, innovation is constant so our brand reflects vision to create new technology and services that stand out from the rest.

Since our first company, Lime, launched to market, we’ve continued to innovate on an upward trend. Having introduced several new and exciting products to target new markets in recent years – in spite of challenging circumstances at times – we’re proud that our management team has remained consistent and continues to drive growth.

“We have experienced considerable growth in the last few years, having introduced several new products, including regional and short-haul flying and a members-only Aviator Club. To support this, our teams have grown 300% over the past year, with over 200 employees at the end of January”

– Michael Edwards, Director

Our journey


Lime was launched providing a search, booking and ticketing service to the UK trade for British Airways Inclusive Tour fares followed quickly by British Airways Group fares


Lime enhanced its British Airways offering launching Seat Only and Published Fares


Calrom was established to develop technology that would support the relationship between Lime and British Airways


Aviate was launched offering UK Inclusive Tour and Seat Only fares on behalf of a range of airlines


Lime expands into the North America Groups market with British Airways


Aviate introduced its Groups offering, broadening the company’s reach beyond the travel trade with the introduction of a group flight booking service

Lime expands its North America Groups service to Iberia


Qantas adopts Groups Next Gen as its group management platform for the Australia market


Aviate launched Virgin Atlantic Flightstore, providing access to the best possible trade fares for Inclusive Tour, Seat Only, Cruise, Published Fare and Groups for both Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines

Groups Next Gen is implemented into additional markets for Qantas; New Zealand, Singapore, China & Hong Kong, Japan, USA & Canada, and the UK.


The Qantas implementation of Groups Next Gen wins the Best Travel Agent Technology Innovation category at the AFTA awards.


Lime & Aviate, and Calrom moved into new headquarters at World House, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Aviate launched their short-haul and regional flying offering.

Calrom established a new office in Lahore, Pakistan.


Travel Innovation Group launched to unite the three companies.

Lime became the first British Airways partner to adopt NDC IT for the trade.


Aviate launched Voyage Store, the preferred Virgin Voyages packages distribution method to the trade.

American Airlines adopted Groups Next Gen as its groups management platform in the UK market.


To support partners during the pandemic, we launched Lime & Aviate's Ticket Protection Scheme.

American Airlines expanded Groups Next Gen to the USA market.


To support partners during the pandemic, we launched Lime & Aviate's Ticket Protection Scheme.

American Airlines expanded Groups Next Gen to the USA market.


The Travel Innovation Group opened its office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Finnair adopts Groups Next Gen as its online group booking tool for global markets.


Aviate established Crew, a trade packaging service in partnership with Carnival Cruise Line.

Aviate launched A-ROSA Packages to offer trade-only ATOL-protected packages.


Aviate launched Celestyal Holidays, offering cruise holiday packages on behalf of Celestyal Cruises.

We opened our fifth office in Saint Michael, Barabados.

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