The spirit of the programme is that it is a vehicle to celebrate Outstanding Performance/ Contribution. It is not an award for those who do their job well, but recognition of a contribution over and above the call of duty.
Staff members should be nominated that demonstrate exceptional workplace behaviour such as expressing and demonstrating the company values, whether that be putting the customer first, being pro-active, proposing a viable new idea or going above and beyond.

Exceeds expectations of delivery/behaviour within their role.


Contribution toward more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas, improving service quality, more user friendly/time saving processes. etc.


Service, dedication and compassion in dealing with internal or external customers. Inspires an overall sense of outstanding customer service.


The winners will receive £250, along with a certificate. The nominees will also receive a certificate. All winners and nominations will be made visible to all staff to give the deserved recognition to these examples of outstanding performance.

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