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Our API allows authorised travel partners direct and easy access to content from hundreds of scheduled airlines.

Travel Innovation Group’s API provides authorised travel partners with a direct link to access Inclusive Tour, Seat Only and Published fare content, along with other branded and specialist fares. By integrating an API link direct to the platform you work on, you can access real time availability, NDC and branded fare content and a fully automated booking process. Our Developer Portal gives you access to all the schemas, samples and technical documentation that you will need to complete your integration, and our API Help Desk are also on hand to support you with any queries.

Content Access

Easy access to the best leisure content in the market

Future Proof

Future proof your connectivity, as technology advances so does our API

Revenue Opportunity

Open new revenue streams through NDC technology and aggregated data

Single Source

Single flight content source to cover all your needs

Distribution costs down

Reduce distribution costs by taking full control of distribution channels

Productivity Up

Increase productivity by reducing time spent on additional administration and paperwork

The benefits

Our API integrates the latest features designed to reduce time, improve workflow and increase your revenue.

Live availability shopping

Shop for the cheapest fares available, from live inventory.

Quote, Book and Ticket

Payment and Ticketing option allow you to access the complete booking flow via the API .

Branded Fares

View branded fare names, and the services associated with them.


Offer your customers branded fare and cabin upgrade options, before upselling via the API.

Special Services

Book meals and wheelchair assistance for you passengers.

Frequent Flyers/ Loyalty

Add Frequent Flyer and Loyalty program numbers into your bookings.

Fare rules

Access the full fare rules associated with your quote or booking.

Sync & Retrieve

Recall selective up to date booking data, to ensure your back office system is never out of date.

End Users

Back/mid office systems, Travel Agents,
Tour Operators

Our Interface

All content is aggregated to a single source
and distributed through our API


Connect with all major GDS’s


Connect with Airline NDC content

Mixed API’s

Connect with mixed flight API content

Find Low Fares

The Find Low Fares service is a low fare search product that returns priced availability, designed to give the best content from multiple sources, airlines and fare types, dependent on the customer need. It enables customers to navigate through large volumes of itinerary options by sorting and filtering. (Any service fees are not included in the prices in the FindLowFares response. These will be added in the SelectAndQuoteFlights service.)

Find Upsell Fares

FindUpsellFares is based on upselling the airline branded fare products, and therefore what upsell options come in the response is dependent on what the airlines want to offer as an upsell, ie this service will not always give you the next cabin(s) up and may offer upsells within the same cabin instead. The response will only include flight sectors that have been upsold and will need to be linked with your FindLowFares response to build the full itinerary. (To guarantee a price in the next cabin up, an additional FindLowFares request should be called, including the cabin required.)

Retrieve Bookings

We give you the option of retrieving an up to date picture of your booking as a whole, or select specific parts of the booking that you want to retrieve, eg costs, passenger names or flights. This can be used to pull bookings into your back/mid office in the first instance, or following changes to a booking at a later date.

Get Branded Fare Information

This service works as a follow up call after any pricing service and gives customers all the branded fare information for those prices.

Get Fare Rules

This service allows customers to request the fare rules associated to a specific fare returned within a previous price request. (As BA fares are sourced from their NDC, and limitation of this is that they will only return ‘mini rules’, and not the complete rule lists.)

Get Flight Information

This service gets further information about a specific flight on a specific date, eg. Terminal information, aircraft type. (This must be requested per flight sector.)

Select and Quote Flights

The Select and quote service allows the customer to price (including all service fees) any itinerary previously returned in a FindLowFares response. (No booking is held at this stage)

Book Selected quote

The Book Selected quote service is used to create your booking, based on any of the low fare or upsell itineraries previously returned.

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