With new anxieties to process in this pandemic era, it’s more important than ever to nurture our mental health.
Practicing mindfulness can be a great start to balancing our mental and emotional state, allowing us time to step back and refocus. Through their mindfulness course, our partners KJ Combining Therapies will teach us the benefits of mindfulness and arm us with the skills to exercise it going forward.
(Our previous partnership with Star Sapphire Wellness has changed due to childcare commitments) 


Register now for the eight week course which covered the themes listed below. Classes led by Karen are around an hour long – you’ll just need a device to access Zoom with, in a quiet room with no distractions:

Week 1 – Waking up (Thursday 11 February @ 12:45)
Week 2 – Awareness of our bodies (Thursday 25 February @ 13:00)
Week 3 – Focus on body moving (Thursday 4 March @ 13:00)
Week 4 – Choosing how we react (Thursday 11 March @ 13:00)
Week 5 – Being with what is difficult (Thursday 18 March @ 13:00)
Week 6 – Making meaning out of thoughts and feelings (Thursday 25 March @ 13:00)
Week 7 – Accepting silent space (Thursday 1 April @ 13:00)
Week 8 – The power of compassion (Thursday 8 April @ 13:00)

Register for the course by entering your name and email address below. This information will be shared with KJ Combining Therapies in order for course leader Karen to send you links to the sessions.