Our Group at a glance

With so many services under our belt, it can be difficult to summarise all the ways we serve you – so we made a video instead!

2,145,133 annual tickets issued.
548 staff members in Travel Innovation Group as of June 2024
5 global offices.

Our companies

We work hand-in-hand with airlines, cruise lines and hotels to deliver the best booking services to the travel trade.

Our products
Description of our company, Lime. Delivering British Airways & IAG leisure and group booking services to tour operators.

Our partners


luxury hotels




tour operators & travel agents


technology providers


cruise lines

How we got here

It’s all about you, our valued partners. Our three companies are built on close relationships and understanding what you (and your customers) really need. You may be surprised by the breadth of services we offer as we manage many brands under Lime, Calrom and Aviate – sometimes from behind the scenes!

To provide a foundation for helping you reach new markets, the Travel Innovation Group was created to unify our brands in 2018. Ever since we’ve grown massively, but our agility, our core values (or Customs) and our people remain our greatest strengths.

Our Customs

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If you want to grow your skills and build a career where you’re in control, our opportunities could be right up your street.

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