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The Travel Innovation Group represents three distinct companies - each with their own specialities to offer a breadth of solutions.


Lime provide a range of services for their partner British Airways and the International Airlines Group (IAG), offering UK and North American travel organisations a nett leisure fare and groups ticketing solution, plus specialist projects for global markets.


Our specialist software development company providing leading technology to the Travel Innovation Group’s companies, and to airlines direct.


Aviate are a leading flight consolidator in the UK, distributing nett fares for over 50 global airlines to both consumer and travel trade through their next generation booking platform and bespoke booking portals.

Launching The Travel Innovation Group

  • Why has a brand launch taken place?
    Following a period of major growth, which sees Lime, Calrom and Aviate on track to achieve a joint turnover of over £200 million this year, the company has undergone a full brand development programme to ensure continued success in the future.

    Since their inception, each of the three companies have enjoyed strong growth based on being able to offer innovative solutions whilst delivering outstanding service. The new Travel Innovation Group brand recognises this innovative, service driven ethos and provides a single platform with which to represent the three companies together, allowing us to showcase the very best of Lime, Calrom and Aviate in one recognisable brand.
  • What are the benefits of the new brand?
    The Travel Innovation Group will enable us as an organisation to showcase the innovative nature of our business and showcase our three complementary companies.

    The new brand encapsulates our growing organisation and expert teams and reflects the type of products we’re going to be bringing to market in 2018 and beyond.

    The rebranding will offer opportunities around market stimulation to assist with our growth plans
  • When will the Travel Innovation Group be launched?
    A communications plan has been produced to support the official launch of the Travel Innovation Group which will take place on the 13th of March 2018.
  • How will the new group name be promoted in the market place?
    Several marketing applications will be utilised to promote and raise the profile of the Travel Innovation Group which will include the distribution of a press release to local, national and trade press, a new website; and social media platforms will also be available for customers and suppliers to interact with.

    You will start to see the Travel Innovation Group logo on all documentation and marketing collateral.
  • How will the new brand affect suppliers and partners?
    Current suppliers and partners won’t be affected by the rebrand. They will continue to deal with the individual companies they’ve come to know and trust.
  • How will the new brand affect customers?
    Our existing customers won’t be affected by the change, they will continue to deal with the individual companies and individuals they’ve come to know and trust.

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