Thousands of fares,
at your fingertips
in milliseconds

Transform your response times with InfiniteCache

Is your website experiencing drop-offs due to slow search results?

Transform your service with search results in around 0.23 milliseconds – up to ten times faster than traditional APIs!

Do you want to create packages or find the cheapest price quickly?

Use InfiniteCache to automate package pricing or create a price calendar – perfect for reducing your heavy search volumes.

Would you like to customise cached data to your specific needs?

Put user experience first by choosing the airlines, routes and fare types that suit you and your customers.

Why choose InfiniteCache?

InfiniteCache combines hundreds of searches on the best GDS & NDC fares from Lime & Aviate and delivers them to you via InfiniteAPI, allowing you to save time and win more business.

You can choose two ways of receiving InfiniteCache, depending on your business needs:

By route

This provides you with prices for a specific route from five to 330 days in the future.

By flight

This is a single flight option chosen by you, allowing you to build tours or cruises.

Increase conversion rates with search results in under a second.

Enhance customer experience with no long waiting times.

Reduce costs with no need for the infrastructure to power vast amounts of searches.

Access daily flight data instantly to use in special offers, price calendars or marketing material.

Transform your entire booking journey when combining with InfiniteAPI.

Maximise the benefits with dedicated support from Technical Integrations team.


If instant access is top of your agenda, let InfiniteCache boost your performance with our top destinations at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in building a bespoke package, just drop us a line about additional routes, cabins and more!

300+ days of flight data for our top 100 destinations (ex. UK), updated daily

IT and Published fares via both NDC and GDS

Find the cached fares you need, as you need them via an API request

Economy class flights

Four return days per route (destination dependent)

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