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Tailor your booking experience with InfiniteAPI.

Are you tired of navigating multiple systems to book flights?

InfiniteAPI feeds all of Lime & Aviate’s best nett fare content directly into your own back-office system or customer website.

Do you want access to the best range of airfares with up-to-date pricing?

InfiniteAPI combines NDC & GDS airfares from a single source and displays them with real-time pricing and availability.

Is improving the productivity of your reservations team important to you?

InfiniteAPI has a range of customisable features and automations to streamline your processes and increase efficiency.

Save time with nett airfares integrated into your own system.

Boost the online flight search experience for your customers.

Integrate the full booking process, including search, quote, book, ticket and more.

Completely tailor InfiniteAPI by choosing the features you need the most.

Increase productivity with automated handling of fare rules, policies and ticket deadlines.

Receive dedicated support from our Technical lntegrations team.

Build your API

You’ll automatically have access to our essential features:

  • Communication tools
  • Flight search API
  • Flight quote API
  • Flight booking API

Then we’ll bring together our optional features to create your ideal user journey.

Upsell fares
Find, sync & retrieve bookings
Get fare rules, flight information and APIs
Apply transaction charges
Input frequent flyer & service requests
Make payments
Ticket bookings
Amend booking (in development)
Amend bookings post-ticketing (in development)
Cancel booking (in development)

Want to reap the benefits without building?

We understand it can take a lot of time and resources to develop a direct API connection – so, here are all our certified flight API providers who can provide you access to InfiniteAPI through their systems.

If you don’t already have an account with Lime or Aviate, fill out the registration form to get things started.


Why us?

InfiniteAPI brings together airfares from Aviate & Lime, allowing you to hold an unrivalled variety of flights with no deposit, the ability to change/cancel unticketed bookings with zero fees and dedicated customer support for each brand – including free out of hours assistance!

Airfares from Aviate

Aviate is the flight provider of choice for 1,200+ tour operators across the UK. Aviate’s Flights product offers a breadth of content including:

  • The best Inclusive Tour fares for over 75 of the world’s leading airlines
  • Published, Seat Only, Cruise and Regional Flying fares
  • Aviate powers Virgin Atlantic Flightstore, so naturally you’ll access the best fares for Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines too

Airfares from Lime

As the experts in British Airways flights, Lime offers a whole host of unique benefits:

  • An unrivalled feed of British Airways Inclusive Tour and Published fares, ready to package up with your own ground arrangements
  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) exclusive content – this means you’ll have access to lower fares and won’t have to pay the Distribution Technology Charge (DTC)
  • Exclusive Appointed Operator status, allowing you to stand out from the crowd

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