Is travel recruitment giving you a headache?

InfiniteResourcing is so much more than an outsourcing service. Our dynamic remote resourcing solution allows you to find and recruit staff from South Africa’s abundant pool of travel talent and business support professionals, all using the Travel Innovation Group’s established infrastructure.

Explore our tried-and-tested solution that allows you to solve your staffing problems, either in a shared or exclusive office workspace, at a pace you choose – all without the cost or time needed to set up your own Cape Town operation from scratch.

How it works

Once you’ve picked your team, we’ll hire them on your behalf then permanently and exclusively second them to you. That puts you in control of their recruitment, training and day-to-day management, whilst we take care of the logistics.

We’ve got over 100 staff in South Africa ourselves, so you can be confident in our established infrastructure that includes our own Cape Town offices, tech equipment, contracts and HR professionals. Team members will even enjoy our rich scheme of employee benefits.

Scale without increasing your overheads
Recruit and onboard staff in as little as four weeks
Access a broader pool of highly-skilled staff
No need to increase your current office space
Reduce your recruitment costs
Focus on recruitment with the logistics taken care of

Five UK partners are already reaping the benefits - could you be the next?