The Travel Innovation Group are proud to announce We are Officially one of Chester Zoo’s, ‘Sustainable Palm Oil City Champions’. working to eradicate the use of Unsustainable Palm Oil.

The Travel Innovation Group, the overarching group brand of Aviate, Lime and Calrom are honoured to work in collaboration with Chester Zoo to support Chester in becoming the world’s first Sustainable Palm Oil City.

Palm oil is found in a huge number of consumables such as food, confectionary and cleaning products because it is so cheap to produce. However, it is found in the fruit of the Oil Palm and over harvesting is having a devastating effect on the Rainforests which in turn is bringing treasured species such as orangutans, tigers, elephants and Rhinos to the brink of extinction as well as threatening the planet by contributing to greenhouse gasses and global warming.

Palm Oil can be produced ethically through RSPO certified Palm Oil Plantations and the aim of the Chester Zoo campaign is to encourage manufacturers to this sustainable source. To show our commitment and support to this essential campaign, we have replaced consumables within our business premises containing Palm Oil with those containing no Palm Oil or Sustainable Palm Oil products and signed a Pledge to continue doing so.

“It’s imperative that we get involved, build awareness, collaborate and independently work together to prevent the negative impacts this is causing to the world.

I highly recommend businesses and restaurants to show their support and accept the challenge to help Chester become the first Sustainable Palm Oil City.”

– Mike Edwards, Managing Director