We’re really excited to launch the TIG Academy Hub, an internal training platform designed to transform the way we induct, train and develop our global teams across Lime, Calrom and Aviate.

On 20 March 2023, teams across the Travel Innovation Group’s offices in Cheshire, Lahore and Cape Town will be able to access a platform full of both bespoke and curated learning materials. As well as supporting our staff in their professional development, the new training platform will support face-to-face learning and enable our teams to upskill effectively, to continue striving to deliver best-in-class service across all our brands.

The TIG Academy’s four values, which help to inform our approach to learning here at the Travel Innovation Group, are:

  • Inclusive learning
    We ensure that learning is inclusive and available to all
  • Quality content
    We invest time and resource to bring our teams the best possible training content
  • Personal growth
    We empower every team member to be their very best by supporting their growth and development
  • Scalable delivery
    We put learning & development at the forefront of our ambitious growth plans

Michael Edwards, Managing Director, said of the launch:

“The TIG Academy is our most important new project in 2023, providing an umbrella for all learning and development at Travel Innovation Group.

“Our proudest achievements include how long our staff stay with us, and how many have been promoted or are able to pursue their career aspirations within our organisation. The new TIG Academy will be continuously evolved to support all our staff and enable them to develop skills in a creative, practical and engaging environment.

“I am extremely passionate about the TIG Academy and how the new TIG Academy Hub will nurture a culture of continuous learning to support our people in their career journey.”

Along with the new TIG Academy Hub to support current staff, we’re also on the lookout for new team members to join our global offices! To find out more about our latest opportunities, please visit our careers page.